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Changes for Version 2.19.0:

Please note:

  • For this release, the minimum required version of CMake is 3.12
  • The CMake option ENABLE_PYTHON now defaults to OFF (previously it was ON).
    In the next release, this option will be renamed to ENABLE_PYTHON2
    The Python 2 interface is no longer being developed. Users are strongly advised to migrate to Python 3.


  • [ECC-1140] - Python3 bindings: Segfault from invalid pointer reference in grib_set_double_array()
  • [ECC-1133] - C API: Propagate const char* for codes_index_new_from_file and codes_index_select_string
  • [ECC-1125] - Code contribution to improve performance on NEC

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-1137] - BUFR performance: use fixed-length strings for descriptor name and units
  • [ECC-1143] - CMake: Migration to ecbuild v3.4
  • [ECC-1124] - Python 2 support: CMake option ENABLE_PYTHON should be OFF by default
  • [ECC-1142] - CMake: add option to build tools (ON by default)
  • [ECC-1128] - Reduce size of executables
  • [ECC-1145] - GRIB: Add parameter representing "liquid water content in snow pack"
  • [ECC-1155] - GRIB: New CAPE and CIN parameters
  • [ECC-935] - GRIB2: Change encoding of snow depth parameter 141
  • [ECC-1122] - BUFR: Fix the keys for the mars namespace
  • [ECC-1123] - CARRA (non UERRA) parameters (bunch 1)
  • [ECC-1135] - Add new parameters for latitude and longitude for use with unstructured grids
  • [ECC-1147] - GRIB2: Remove typeOfFirstFixedSurface from paramId 228141
  • [ECC-1149] - GRIB: Add new fire parameters
  • [ECC-1153] - Originating Centre: New WMO code 291 for IAP CAS
  • [ECC-566] - multi-threading improvements
  • [ECC-1126] - BUFR: ECMWF Local use section key 'ident' should be trimmed
  • [ECC-1148] - BUFR decoding: better error message when descriptors overflow the data section
  • [ECC-1150] - GRIB keys 'lowerLimit' and 'upperLimit' cannot be MISSING
  • [ECC-1151] - GitHub CI: use same branch of ecbuild

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-440] - grib_index_release/grib_index_delete does not close the file
  • [ECC-811] - shapeOfTheEarth=6 for GRIB1
  • [ECC-1127] - CRASH: bufr_ls -p expandedOriginalCodes
  • [ECC-1131] - Build failures on big endian platform
  • [ECC-1138] - CRASH: bufr_dump -p on invalid file
  • [ECC-1139] - CRASH: bufr_ls -p numericValues
  • [ECC-1141] - Compile error on MinGW: undefined reference to 'realpath'