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Changes for Version 2.21.0:

Please note:

  • grib_get_data output is slightly modified: Words on the first line are now separated by spaces not commas (See ECC-1197)
  • The tools now check that the output file is not the same as the input to avoid overwriting/corrupting the source (See ECC-539)
  • The MARS keys levtype and levelist have been removed from the GRIB2 templates 4.53 and 4.54 (See ECC-1204)


  • [ECC-1207] - GRIB2: BiFourier packing error
    Thanks to Météo-France

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-822] - grib_get_data: Allow user to specify number of decimal places for lats/lons
    The option "-L" is now provided for grib_get_data to specify the format for printing the latitudes/longitudes

  • [ECC-539] - grib_copy/grib_set: Avoid overwriting files (output file same as input)
    This is a change of behaviour: The output file cannot be the same as the input

  • [ECC-1211] - GRIB: Add new MARS class 'gw' - Global Wildfire
  • [ECC-1209] - GRIB: New and updated parameters for CARRA/CERRA
  • [ECC-1210] - GRIB: Add additional typeOfPostProcessing to EFAS local definition
  • [ECC-1213] - GRIB: New and updated parameters for CARRA/CERRA, bunch 3
  • [ECC-1214] - GRIB: Add new type of postprocessing for ULYSSES to the efas_post_proc concept
  • [ECC-1223] - GRIB: New and updated parameters for CARRA/CERRA, bunch 31
  • [ECC-1224] - GRIB2: CAMS parameters for 48r1
  • [ECC-1216] - GRIB2: Add 'time' to the 'ls' namespace for local time templates
  • [ECC-1196] - GRIB2: Add support for pre-operational WMO table versions
  • [ECC-1203] - GRIB2 Definitions: Refactor section 4 templates for better modularisation
  • [ECC-1204] - GRIB2 Definitions: Remove MARS keys from templates 4.53 and 4.54
  • [ECC-1205] - GRIB2 Definitions: Remove unnecessary extra key from satellite templates
  • [ECC-1218] - tigge_check update for CARRA/CERRA
  • [ECC-1194] - MARS: Remove unused types
  • [ECC-1208] - Fix name of macros: CODES_DUMP_FLAG_OCTECT and GRIB_DUMP_FLAG_OCTECT

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-1193] - GRIB CCSDS and PNG packing: setting packingType before values
  • [ECC-1195] - Accessor 'sprintf' should by default be read-only
  • [ECC-1197] - grib_get_data: Words on the first line should be separated by spaces not commas
  • [ECC-1198] - Examples: grib_iterator should mention the 'bitmapPresent' key
  • [ECC-1202] - GRIB CCSDS packing: fails if input packingType=grid_ieee
  • [ECC-1206] - tigge_check not failing for some wrong validityTime/validityDate