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Changes for Version 2.22.0:

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-1233] - grib_filter: Allow printing of 'byte' keys like bitmap and section paddings
  • [ECC-1227] - GRIB2: Add new parameter "tropopause pressure"
  • [ECC-1231] - Python2 bindings: Remove the experimental high-level interface
  • [ECC-1232] - GRIB: Add units to orography fields
  • [ECC-1235] - Fortran examples: Show how to convert an error code into a string
  • [ECC-1236] - MARS Streams: Support next ENS-Extended range configuration
  • [ECC-1239] - grib_get_data: Polar Stereographic: Better error message if earth is oblate

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-1237] - grib_compare behaves differently for different compilers on CRAY
  • [ECC-1242] - GRIB2: version 22 tables are incomplete
  • [ECC-1201] - grib_util_set_spec: packing=av on IEEE packed gribs
  • [ECC-1220] - Encoding with packingType=grid_ieee via codes_grib_util_set_spec
  • [ECC-1221] - Encoding with packingType=grid_complex via codes_grib_util_set_spec
  • [ECC-1222] - Encoding with packingType=grid_ccsds via codes_grib_util_set_spec
  • [ECC-1225] - GRIB1: Fix units reported in grib_dump (for local parameters)
  • [ECC-1226] - Python3 bindings: AttributeError when calling codes_index_get_double
  • [ECC-1230] - Conversion of param=tp to edition=2 loses ensemble number