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Please note:
The high-level Python interface (in eccodes/high_level/*) was always experimental and will be removed in the next release.
Please use cfgrib and pdbufr instead.

Changes for Version 2.23.0:

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-1247] - grib_dump: indicate which key values can be set to "missing"
    The "-D" option of grib_dump can now be used to see which keys can be set to "missing"

  • [ECC-1250] - Update BUFR tables with the latest WMO v36.0.0
  • [ECC-1267] - Performance: reduce number of calls to function 'grib_is_all_bits_one'
  • [ECC-1245] - GRIB: Add typeOfPostProcessing for 'geff' to efas_post_proc
  • [ECC-1249] - GRIB: Update CAMS parameters (required for ADS, task 3)
  • [ECC-1252] - Fortran example: problem compiling grib_read_from_file.f90
  • [ECC-1253] - GRIB2: Error when setting localDefinitionNumber (centre=98)
  • [ECC-1264] - GRIB2: Allow date and time of forecast to be 'missing' in local definition 98.41

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-922] - grib_get_data should fail on incorrectly coded grid
  • [ECC-1219] - GRIB: packingType conversion from grid_ieee to grid_second_order
  • [ECC-1243] - grib_ls -j: error listing the geography namespace
  • [ECC-1244] - grib_get_data: iterator consumes vast amounts of memory when Ni is missing
  • [ECC-1246] - Python3 bindings: UnicodeDecodeError when parsing BUFR file
  • [ECC-1251] - MARS streams: Add config files for new ENS-Extended range streams
  • [ECC-1258] - GRIB: find_nearest returns wrong point if searched location is at a grid point
  • [ECC-1259] - BUFR encoding: Crash if compressedData set after unexpandedDescriptors
  • [ECC-1260] - grib_ls/grib_get -pstep: does not show step ranges with hyphens in some cases
  • [ECC-1262] - GRIB: Key 'typeOfLevel' not mapped for typeOfFirstFixedSurface 17 and 18
  • [ECC-1263] - GRIB2: CCSDS packing: Assertion when creating constant field
  • [ECC-1268] - eccodes_f90 library should link to threading library (pthreads/omp)
  • [ECC-1255] - GRIB2: Key 'is_efas' has two elements rather than just one