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Please note:
The high-level Python interface (in eccodes/high_level/*) was always experimental and has been removed in this release.
Please use cfgrib and pdbufr instead.

Changes for Version 2.24.0:

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-1234] - Python3 bindings: Remove the experimental high-level interface

  • [ECC-1291] - GRIB2: Implement Lambert Azimuthal geoiterator on oblate spheroid
  • [ECC-1280] - GRIB1: Geoiterator for 'space view' is not implemented
  • [ECC-1270] - GRIB2: Change the way MARS levtype is computed
  • [ECC-1241] - GRIB2: Implement the new local time templates for WMO validation
  • [ECC-1284] - bufr_dump: Display of missing strings in arrays
  • [ECC-1300] - GRIB2: Add keys 'firstSize' and 'secondSize' for Aerosol products
  • [ECC-1287] - GRIB2: Remove keys "is_uerra" and "is_efas"
  • [ECC-1289] - GRIB2: parameter database changes required for removal of is_uerra and is_efas keys
  • [ECC-1293] - Update GRIB2 tables/templates with the latest WMO V28.0.0
  • [ECC-1297] - Update BUFR tables with the latest WMO v37.0.0
  • [ECC-1296] - GRIB2: Fix remaining MARS key mapping issues for UERRA/CARRA/CERRA
  • [ECC-1299] - GRIB2: Add WMO encodings for 3 CAMS parameters
  • [ECC-1301] - Add new centre 'UFZ' in Common Code table 11
  • [ECC-1302] - GRIB2: Add missing codes in ECMWF version 1 local tables
  • [ECC-1306] - GRIB2: Add new dry and wet deposition mass fluxes needed for CAMS 48r1
  • [ECC-1307] - GRIB2: Add local ECMWF entries in code table 4.230 for CAMS 48r1 parameters
  • [ECC-1309] - GRIB2: Add new precipitation type diagnostics 'most severe' and 'most frequent'
  • [ECC-1310] - GRIB2: Add convective specific rain/snow water content
  • [ECC-1311] - GRIB2: Add glacier mask parameter
  • [ECC-1313] - GRIB2: Add/update parameters needed for Copernicus flood project
  • [ECC-1276] - MEMFS: Better management of generated files
  • [ECC-1294] - New MARS classes for ERA6 and ERA6/LAND

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-1261] - GRIB local definition 12: MARS 'time' key should be HHMM not single digit
  • [ECC-1286] - GRIB: Cannot set keys "scaleFactorOfLowerLimit" and "scaledValueOfLowerLimit" via the "lowerLimit" key for negative values
  • [ECC-1295] - GRIB: nearest function fails on regular lat/lon grid on oblate spheroid
  • [ECC-1273] - grib_get_data: keys added via '-p' should be separated by spaces not commas
  • [ECC-1303] - GRIB2: Setting localDefinitionNumber=1 on paramId=228104 (e_WLCH4) corrupts message
  • [ECC-1275] - grib_set: Setting unsigned values to -1 sets the maximum value for that key
  • [ECC-1314] - GRIB1: Memory leak if conversion to GRIB2 fails
  • [ECC-1277] - Test eccodes_t_grib_to_netcdf fails
  • [ECC-1283] - bufr_compare: Does not detect differences in string arrays
  • [ECC-1274] - BUFR: duplicated/incorrect error messages during decode
  • [ECC-1290] - BUFR: Key spectralWaveDensity decoded incorrectly (on Windows)
  • [ECC-1304] - BUFR encoding: Crash if bitmap specification is invalid
  • [ECC-1305] - BUFR: Invalid code in definitions/bufr/tables/operators.table