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Please note:

  • Calling the deprecated C functions codes_box_new and codes_box_get_points now return an error. These functions will be removed in the next version.

Changes for Version 2.26.0:

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-1375] - GRIB2: Add key to allow alternativeRowScanning to be turned off/on
  • [ECC-1019] - ecCodes and use of BUFR operator 3
  • [ECC-680] - BUFR operator 203YYY: implement encoding
  • [ECC-1387] - GRIB2 CCSDS: bitsPerValue should be set to 0 for a constant field
  • [ECC-1343] - Problems compiling with Jasper v3.0
  • [ECC-1362] - Testing: Add AEC packed data to test suite, that cannot be unpacked by SZIP
  • [ECC-1377] - GRIB: Change units of several wave parameters from dimensionless to radians
  • [ECC-1378] - GRIB2: Update tables/templates with the latest WMO V29.0.0
  • [ECC-1385] - BUFR: Update tables with the latest WMO V38.0.0
  • [ECC-1379] - GRIB: Provide GRIB2 IFS samples with CCSDS packing (for grid-point data)
  • [ECC-1380] - GRIB2: Create mechanism to resolve Fire dataset origin for MARS archiving
  • [ECC-1389] - Python3 bindings: Drop Python versions 3.5 and 3.6
  • [ECC-1367] - C API: codes_get_double_elements: The 'index_array' argument should be 'const'
  • [ECC-1369] - handle_new_from_samples: Allow sample file to include its extension
  • [ECC-1372] - GRIB: Update names and descriptions of 3 GFAS parameters
  • [ECC-1374] - GRIB: Add key 'accuracy' that represents the number of bits, whatever the packing
  • [ECC-1381] - GRIB2: Change the title of parameter code tables to include discipline and category
  • [ECC-1382] - C API: codes_fieldset_new_from_files: The 'keys' argument should be const
  • [ECC-1383] - Spelling: Accessor 'octect_number' should be 'octet_number'

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-507] - BUFR operator 203YYY: decoded values wrong
  • [ECC-989] - BUFR: Valgrind error: Setting 'unpack=1' before setting unexpandedDescriptors
  • [ECC-1359] - codes_set_string: Fails for integer key even if string can be converted to an integer
  • [ECC-1363] - codes_set_string: Does not fail for invalid value for key of type 'double'
  • [ECC-1370] - GRIB2: Add the 1.5m versions of 2t, 2d, mn2t6 and mx2t6 for S2S
  • [ECC-1371] - GRIB2: Fix definitions for CERRA dataset
  • [ECC-1373] - GRIB2: Two CAMS parameters have duplicate encodings
  • [ECC-1390] - Python3 bindings: NameError: name 'GribInternalError' is not defined