This is a hotfix release for version 2.27.0

Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.27.1:

  • [ECC-1477] - Compilation fails with libjasper v4.x.x
  • [ECC-1475] - Check return size of md5 keys
  • [ECC-1448] - MARS ORIGIN keyword is wrongly overwritten for class = gw, stream = mmsf
  • [ECC-1451] - GRIB: key 'level' not equal to 'mars.levelist' for soil levels
  • [ECC-1484] - GRIB: New MARS class for Greenhouse Gases dataset
  • [ECC-1449] - GRIB2: New urban and wetland/vegetation parameters
  • [ECC-1456] - MARS: Create 2 new classes EF (for EFAS) and GF (for GLOFAS)
  • [ECC-1462] - MARS: Ocean layer correct mapping for mars 'levelist'