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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.3.0


  • [ECC-441] - MeteoFrance contribution: GRIB second order packing
  • [ECC-458] - MeteoFrance contribution: GRIB spectral complex packing
  • [ECC-461] - Python: GribMessage class to allow multiple keys to be set

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-475] - BUFR WMO version 28 and local tables to be added to ecCodes
  • [ECC-472] - Update GRIB2 definitions with the latest WMO V19.0.0 code tables/templates
  • [ECC-452] - codes_bufr_copy_data missing in Pythonic interface
  • [ECC-460] - Add centre codes for New Delhi (dems/vabb)
  • [ECC-454] - Add new parameters for land reanalysis (ERA5-Land)
  • [ECC-466] - Add two parameters for evaporation in the last 6 and 24 hrs
  • [ECC-437] - tigge_check: bitmap fields with only undefined values
  • [ECC-449] - Remove unused "unpack" data member from grib_context
  • [ECC-456] - type=oi for UERRA class
  • [ECC-457] - GRIB1 to GRIB2 conversion: total precipitation
  • [ECC-459] - GRIB1 to GRIB2 conversion: Local Definition 5 (Forecast probability data)
  • [ECC-465] - Key 'deleteLocalDefinition' works for GRIB edition 1 only

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-438] - stepUnits throws errors when processing GRIBs with stepUnit != 1 (hour)
  • [ECC-444] - eccodes fails to build when both fmemopen and funopen are available
  • [ECC-447] - ecCodes Python packages not added to the installation manifest
  • [ECC-448] - codes_new_from_message does not set product_kind on handle
  • [ECC-451] - new pythonic interface segv
  • [ECC-453] - grib_set fails randomly: Unable to set stepRange: end must be equal to start when timeRangeIndicator=10
  • [ECC-467] - JRA55: map indicatorOfTypeOfLevel=101 to mars.levtype='sfc'