Downloadable from our Releases page.

Please note:

In the near future, official support for sub-hourly GRIB2 data will be released.
This will have an impact on users of ecCodes who currently produce sub-hourly GRIB2 data.
We strongly encourage you to contact us ahead of time so that we can help you adapt to the changes that this release will bring.


Please note some important changes in this release (v2.32.0) of ecCodes:

  • The tigge_* tools have been removed (tigge_check, tigge_split etc)
  • The grib1to2 script has been removed

Please note: There is a new webpage for the Migration to GRIB2: Migration to GRIB2
This webpage also includes a section where changes in the parameter encodings for the coming ecCodes versions are documented: Changes in the parameter encodings

Changes for Version 2.32.0:

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-1361] - Prototype HEALPix grid
  • [ECC-1674] - GRIB2: Add support for encoding template 5.200 (Run length packing with level values)
  • [ECC-1633] - Tools: Deprecate the tigge_* tools (tigge_check, tigge_split, etc)
  • [ECC-1640] - Tools: Remove the grib1to2 script
  • [ECC-1447] - Proposal for a template for parameters dependent on a reference period
  • [ECC-1648] - GRIB2: Update encodings of accumulated tendency parameters
  • [ECC-1649] - GRIB2: Add WMO encodings for wave parameters
  • [ECC-1650] - GRIB2: Update encoding for wave parameters with discipline=192
  • [ECC-1651] - GRIB2: Remove the encoding for wave parameters 3105 and 3106
  • [ECC-1653] - GRIB2: Add encoding for mean parameters
  • [ECC-1655] - GRIB2: Change of definition and new mars levtype concepts for ocean parameters
  • [ECC-1656] - GRIB: Add keys isGridded and isSpectral
  • [ECC-1658] - GRIB2: Add WMO encoding to parameters
  • [ECC-1659] - GRIB2: Update encodings with 192 discipline
  • [ECC-1660] - GRIB: Delete the GRIB2 representation of parameter 3037
  • [ECC-1661] - GRIB2: Add encoding for parameters with only uerra grib2
  • [ECC-1665] - GRIB2: Move parameters to pseudo-centre uerra
  • [ECC-1667] - GRIB: Add new key 'validityDateTime'
  • [ECC-1670] - GRIB: Add new key 'setPackingType'
  • [ECC-1672] - Tools: Add '-d' option for grib_compare
  • [ECC-1677] - GRIB2: Replace discipline 192 local encoding
  • [ECC-1678] - GRIB2: Add encoding for CAPES
  • [ECC-1679] - GRIB2: Replace discipline=192 encodings
  • [ECC-1688] - GRIB2: Update encoding for altimeter wave height parameters

  • [ECC-1693] - Python3 bindings: Update minimum recommended version
  • [ECC-1632] - Definitions: Deprecate GRIB2 template 3.130 and remove code table entries
  • [ECC-1634] - GRIB2: Correction of neutral wind parameters
  • [ECC-1636] - GRIB2: Add more values to the typeOfLevel key
  • [ECC-1637] - GRIB2: Remove template.5.6.def and template.7.6.def
  • [ECC-1645] - GRIB: Update parameter long names and move discipline 192 encoding to legacy
  • [ECC-1647] - GRIB2: Addition of missing fixed surfaces to recently updated parameters
  • [ECC-1662] - GRIB2: new ocean parameters for OCEAN6
  • [ECC-1663] - GRIB2: Revert paramId 26 to old encoding
  • [ECC-1664] - GRIB2: Add new CloudLayer concepts for 'typeOfLevel'
  • [ECC-1666] - GRIB2: Add new MARS class O6 for ORAS6
  • [ECC-1668] - GRIB2: Modification of name/shortName for sea ice temperature parameters
  • [ECC-1669] - GRIB2: New plain sea ice temperature parameters
  • [ECC-1673] - MARS: Add mars.number to the combination ocda/tpa
  • [ECC-1682] - GRIB2: New reflectance parameters
  • [ECC-1683] - GRIB2: Add new pseudo-centre for DestinE (Destination Earth)
  • [ECC-1692] - GRIB2: Add Carbon Dioxide parameter encoding to 210061 for pseudo-centre DestinationEarth

  • [ECC-633] - Fortran examples: looping over messages
  • [ECC-1642] - Geoiterator: No error for badly encoded regular grids
  • [ECC-1643] - GRIB2: Remove experimental templates 5.40010 and 7.40010
  • [ECC-1652] - Improve error message re stepUnits
  • [ECC-1675] - C internals: Add error argument to grib_nearest_factory function
  • [ECC-1684] - GRIB2: Rename wind gust parameters
  • [ECC-1685] - GRIB2: Correct local ECMWF table entries
  • [ECC-1694] - CMake: Add libaec_ROOT as search hint for FindAEC

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-530] - GRIB2: Order of setting keys creates a failure
  • [ECC-1541] - Modifying the PDTN for GRIB2 changes keys for certain values of typeOfFirstFixedSurface
  • [ECC-1621] - Valgrind error: grib_compare -H
  • [ECC-1631] - Segmentation fault: Decode bufrdcExpandedDescriptors as string
  • [ECC-1638] - GRIB2: Error creating variable resolution latitude/longitude grid
  • [ECC-1639] - CRASH: Nearest neighbour on Gaussian grid with N=0
  • [ECC-1641] - Assertion failure in grib_to_netcdf for acetone product
  • [ECC-1644] - GRIB2: Changing the PDTN changes the scale factor and scaled value keys
  • [ECC-1646] - Error setting GRIB edition to 2 for parameters: sro, uvb, lsp, e, and pev
  • [ECC-1654] - Error setting key of type 'codetable' as a string
  • [ECC-1671] - GRIB: Issue in reading glofas data with eccodes since 2.27.0