Downloadable from our Releases page.

Please note some important changes in this release (v2.34.0) of ecCodes:

  • Support for sub-hourly data in GRIB edition 2. For more details, see here

Please note: There is a new webpage for the Migration to GRIB2: Migration to GRIB2
This webpage also includes a section where changes in the parameter encodings for the coming ecCodes versions are documented: Changes in the parameter encodings

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-1238] - GRIB: Support for sub-hourly steps
  • [ECC-1742] - Add function to clone only the meta-data of a message
  • [ECC-1750] - MARS: Add new class 'ai'
  • [ECC-1757] - MARS: Add stream 'rfsd'
  • [ECC-1713] - GRIB2: Add correct definition to discipline 192 parameter 228004; mean2t for DestinE ClimateDT
  • [ECC-1731] - GRIB2: Add additional paramIds to be used with CAMS chemIds
  • [ECC-1737] - GRIB2: Add wave and ocean parameters
  • [ECC-1740] - GRIB2: Addition to concept combinationOfAttributesOfTile
  • [ECC-1743] - GRIB2: New hydro and wave parameters
  • [ECC-1745] - GRIB2: Local ECMWF parameters for covariances
  • [ECC-1751] - GRIB2: Consolidate parameters with fixed statistical processing ranges
  • [ECC-1756] - GRIB2: Add mean parameters for CERISE project
  • [ECC-1758] - GRIB2: add local ECMWF parameters to pseudo-centre ERA6
  • [ECC-1748] - Tools: grib_dump on index file should print the key types
  • [ECC-1752] - Definitions: Harmonise cfVarName.def files
  • [ECC-1753] - Scripts: Update to work with the new Parameter Database design
  • [ECC-1754] - CMake: Remove deprecated 'FindPythonInterp' module
  • [ECC-1738] - BUFR: Better error message for invalid sequence

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-786] - grib_get -i -p has a space missing in the output
  • [ECC-791] - grib tools with print of dummy:s puts a " 1" in the output
  • [ECC-1676] - Negative step conversion from hour to seconds fails
  • [ECC-1733] - GRIB2: codes_set_missing doesn't work for indicatorOfUnitOfTimeIncrement key
  • [ECC-1741] - Assertion failure: Encoding a large field in GRIB1
  • [ECC-1744] - Rounding errors in 2 tests with intel LLVM-based compilers 2023.2
  • [ECC-1746] - GRIB2 template 4.34: Incorrect values for 'time' namespace
  • [ECC-1749] - grib_dump: No gap between offsets and key name
  • [ECC-1739] - BUFR: Assertion failure decoding with invalid masterTablesVersionNumber