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This is a hotfix release for version 2.34.0

Changes for Version 2.34.1:

  • [ECC-1364] - GRIB: Geoiterator for Lambert Conformal in the southern hemisphere
  • [ECC-1768] - GRIB2: Issue with setting PDTN 8, stepUnits and step at the same time
  • [ECC-1771] - Build with -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF on the Atos HPC doesn't work
  • [ECC-1772] - GRIB2: activate stepRange for levtype o2d/o3d under stream mmsf type fc
  • [ECC-1751] - GRIB2: Consolidate parameters with fixed statistical processing ranges
  • [ECC-1765] - GRIB2: Move upward sea water velocity encoding to correct typeOfLevel
  • [ECC-1685] - GRIB2: Correct local ECMWF table entries
  • [ECC-1774] - GRIB2: Add MARS system keyword for class Cerise mmsf/fc and msmm.fcmean