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Please note:

GRIB2 templates 4.51 and 4.91 had the keys "codeFigure" and "categoryType" in the wrong order (See ECC-1797).
This has been corrected to be in line with WMO Manual on Codes. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please note: There is a new webpage for the Migration to GRIB2: Migration to GRIB2
This webpage also includes a section where changes in the parameter encodings for the coming ecCodes versions are documented: Changes in the parameter encodings

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-1781] - GRIB Geoiterator: Support reduced Gaussian grid with rotation
  • [ECC-1784] - GRIB Geoiterator: Support HEALPix nested ordering
  • [ECC-1785] - BUFR: Allow encoding satelliteID when rdbType=30
  • [ECC-1780] - GRIB HEALPix: In the 'geography' namespace replace 'pointsOrdering' with 'orderingConvention'
  • [ECC-1777] - GRIB: Validate dataDate and dataTime on input
  • [ECC-1769] - GRIB: Rename keys FirstLatitude and SecondLatitude
  • [ECC-1767] - GRIB2: Add keys to properly compute wavelengths in section 4 optical templates
  • [ECC-1779] - GRIB2: Add keys to identify experimental and deprecated templates
  • [ECC-1762] - GRIB2: Add GRIB1 key name aliases to wave spectra template with explicit list
  • [ECC-1765] - GRIB2: Move upward sea water velocity encoding to correct typeOfLevel
  • [ECC-1766] - GRIB2: EERIE (European Eddy RIch Earth System Models) metadata support
  • [ECC-1775] - GRIB2: WMO conforming snowfall water equivalent parameters for DestinationEarth
  • [ECC-1776] - GRIB2: Additional activity and experiment table entries for DestinE ClimateDT
  • [ECC-1786] - GRIB2: Add local ECMWF parameters to pseudo-centre CERISE
  • [ECC-1787] - GRIB2: Add time-mean versions of existing parameters
  • [ECC-1788] - GRIB2: Add mean parameters for ECMWF and CERISE
  • [ECC-1789] - GRIB2: Add parameters 51/52 to pseudo-centre CERISE
  • [ECC-1791] - GRIB2: Modify and remove maximum individual wave parameters
  • [ECC-1794] - GRIB2: DestinE data does not have the MARS domain key
  • [ECC-1796] - GRIB2: Implement stepRange indexing for DestinE ExtremesDT and On-Demand ExtremesDT data
  • [ECC-1798] - GRIB2: New parameter encodings for DestinationEarth
  • [ECC-1772] - GRIB2: activate stepRange for levtype o2d/o3d under stream mmsf type fc
  • [ECC-1774] - GRIB2: Add MARS system keyword for class Cerise mmsf/fc and msmm.fcmean
  • [ECC-1782] - Repacking sample GRIB2.tmpl fails when ECCODES_GRIB_DATA_QUALITY_CHECKS=1

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-1797] - GRIB2: Correct order of keys in templates 4.51 and 4.91 regarding the WMO Manual on Codes
  • [ECC-1364] - GRIB: Geoiterator for Lambert Conformal in the southern hemisphere
  • [ECC-1768] - GRIB2: Issue with setting PDTN 8, stepUnits and step at the same time
  • [ECC-1770] - GRIB2: Template 4.1101 has incorrect size and octet layout
  • [ECC-1771] - Build with -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF on the Atos HPC doesn't work
  • [ECC-1778] - Crash: Decoding invalid BUFR file
  • [ECC-1783] - grib_to_netcdf: No error message when input file has invalid fields
  • [ECC-1792] - GRIB: headers_only cloning does not work as expected after changing geography
  • [ECC-1795] - Geoiterator for polar stereographic: Keys orientationOfTheGridInDegrees and LaDInDegrees decoded as integers