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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.5.0


  • [ECC-518] - grib_to_netcdf: support deflate option for netCDF-4 output formats
    Thanks to Antonio S. Cofino Gonzalez.
    New options provided for grib_to_netcdf to support deflate and shuffle options for netCDF-4 output formats.

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-419] - Simple bufr_dump
    A "-p" option is provided for bufr_dump to allow a "plain" mode dump, just listing key=value

  • [ECC-533] - Implement grib_find_nearest() for Polar Stereographic grid_type
  • [ECC-476] - Add new function codes_count_in_filename which takes a path
  • [ECC-504] - New runoff parameters for system 5 seasonal forecast
  • [ECC-534] - Add two parameters for river discharge in the last 6 and 24 hrs
  • [ECC-537] - Update the local concepts for DWD (2017.09)
  • [ECC-548] - Add GRIB2 Product Definition Templates 4.67 and 4.68
  • [ECC-443] - netcdf4 compression with grib_to_netcdf
  • [ECC-485] - Add support for non-integer size for the 'codetable' statement
  • [ECC-505] - Add BUFR local descriptors from EUMETSAT
  • [ECC-509] - Add option to skip install of fortran modules
  • [ECC-468] - tables seem to be installed as files instead of symbolic links
  • [ECC-500] - Performance: grib2: grib_ls using local parameter takes longer than WMO parameter
  • [ECC-508] - Add option to not install grib definitions and samples
  • [ECC-510] - Add new MARS class for ERA5 land surface parameters
  • [ECC-526] - typeOfLevel key should include typeOfFirstFixedSurface == 10 (Entire atmosphere)
  • [ECC-528] - Add wmo_read_any_from_stream_malloc()
  • [ECC-540] - When using MEMFS the default should be not to install samples and definitions

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-532] - Problems with bufr_dump: taking all available memory
  • [ECC-435] - CRASH: Python keys iterator on GRIB message
  • [ECC-473] - isOctahedral does not work for non-global gaussian grids
  • [ECC-478] - Scaling values using grib_set ignores values=9999. when bitmapPresent=0
  • [ECC-480] - grib_filter slower on large GRIB file compared with grib_api
  • [ECC-490] - GRIB-API -> ecCodes F90 migration issue
  • [ECC-492] - bufr_dump problems for extracted Aeolus BUFR file
  • [ECC-501] - GRIB2 encoding: longitude values should be 0 to 360
  • [ECC-503] - Fortran interface: status argument of keys_iterator_next should not be optional
  • [ECC-511] - Invalid data read from FRET grib2 files with grid_complex_spatial_differencing packing
  • [ECC-515] - CRASH: reading very large GRIB1 message
  • [ECC-517] - crash/error setting inputExtendedDelayedDescriptorReplicationFactor greater than 486
  • [ECC-521] - grib_get_data for Lambert Conformal: incorrect if adjacent rows scan in the opposite directions
  • [ECC-522] - Lat/Lon iterator gives wrong result for some scanning and organisation modes
  • [ECC-524] - grib_iterator behaves strangely for lambert representation
  • [ECC-529] - grib_get_data for polar stereographic gets wrong lat and long
  • [ECC-535] - Workaround for internal compiler error in memfs.c on Cray
  • [ECC-542] - Enabling memfs searches for Python include dir
  • [ECC-545] - Assertion failure retrieving grib key