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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.6.0

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-567] - codes_split_file tool
    A new tool has been added. It splits an input file (GRIB, BUFR etc) into chunks of roughly the same size. Very useful for parallelising operations where a large task is split into smaller ones which can be run on different processes.
    See codes_split_file

  • [ECC-592] - Update BUFR tables with the latest WMO version 29
    Note: Some keys have been renamed as a result of this change:

    New name (from version 29)Old name
  • [ECC-584] - Update GRIB2 definitions with the latest WMO V20.0.0 code tables/templates
  • [ECC-549] - Create MARS stream for GRIB EFAS data
  • [ECC-555] - Add verificationYear, monthlyVerificationYear, verificationMonth, monthlyVerificationMonth for monthly streams
  • [ECC-477] - Redundant error message changing packing from CCSDS to grid_simple
  • [ECC-547] - Add WMO definition to 2 wave parameters and rename them
  • [ECC-571] - DWD: corrections to edzw local definitions (newer)
  • [ECC-574] - Update MARS stream descriptions for esmm and ehmm
  • [ECC-575] - Add new GRIB fields for lightning
  • [ECC-577] - Add localYear, localMonth, localDay, localHour, localMinute and localSecond to bufr_dump
  • [ECC-578] - Long names of GRIB parameters 210007-210010 (aermr07-10) are incorrect
  • [ECC-580] - Change of parameter name and units: 210064 and 210065
  • [ECC-581] - Tables 172 and 173: rename parameters and assign shortnames
  • [ECC-583] - Two new parameters: Water Vapour Flux and Water Vapour Flux Index
  • [ECC-585] - Add parameter for 'Fraction of snow cover' with units 'Proportion'

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-594] - Assertion failed: `ktype == GRIB_TYPE_LONG' in src/grib_expression_class_functor.c
  • [ECC-596] - Memory leak: grib_accessor_class_md5.c
  • [ECC-538] - ecCodes does not honour ECCODES_NO_ABORT
  • [ECC-550] - Segmentation violation when setting descriptor 236000
  • [ECC-551] - Standard deviation is shown as NAN
  • [ECC-556] - BUFR: 'typicalDate' calculation should cater for invalid year in BUFR4
  • [ECC-557] - class="l5": set mars.step=endStep for streams mnth/edmm/wamo/ewmm
  • [ECC-558] - Windows - linker error: unresolved external symbol _grib_dumper_class_bufr_simple
  • [ECC-579] - BUFR nested replication problem
  • [ECC-582] - bufr_dump -Efortran creates BUFR which differs from input (string value)
  • [ECC-586] - CRASH: extracting nonexistent BUFR subset with doExtractSubsets
  • [ECC-589] - Clang ThreadSanitizer error: data race on 'bits_all_one'
  • [ECC-590] - Clang ThreadSanitizer error: data race on expanded_descriptor_list_push