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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.7.0


  • [ECC-463] - Encoding of spherical harmonics sub-truncation using IEEE-64

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-407] - Add option to bufr_count/grib_count to count valid messages
  • [ECC-341] - implement area extraction in bufr_filter for uncompressed data
  • [ECC-629] - grib_ls and grib_count to read standard input instead of a filename
  • [ECC-394] - bufr_dump -E option: include keys whose values are MISSING
  • [ECC-607] - BUFR decode performance: remove redundant calls to reset_deeper_qualifiers
  • [ECC-608] - bufr_descriptor struct: reference type should be 'long' (not 'double')
  • [ECC-611] - BUFR Encoding: channelNumber reset to 0
  • [ECC-602] - Add parameters for Standardised Precipitation index (seasonal fc)
  • [ECC-612] - New parameters for Global Fire Assimilation System (GFAS)
  • [ECC-570] - Wave forecast verification: add support for LC-WFV
  • [ECC-562] - EFAS: Create GRIB2 local definition for EFAS data
  • [ECC-563] - EFAS: Add two parameters for total precipitation in the last 6 and 24 hrs
  • [ECC-641] - new BUFR key for Continuous Data Assimilation

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-359] - CRASH: set 'pack' to 1 on new bufr handle
  • [ECC-597] - "grib_dump -D" returns "wrong size" errors on grid_second_order
  • [ECC-603] - Decoding of ERS (BUFR edition 2) data
  • [ECC-610] - isOctahedral does not work for non-global gaussian grids with specific areas
  • [ECC-614] - BUFR: problem with datetime extraction
  • [ECC-627] - grib_to_netcdf: fails with less user-friendly error message on non-regular grid
  • [ECC-634] - bufr_dump -p: does not list string keys with MISSING value
  • [ECC-635] - bufr_dump (JSON): should show missing value of string key as 'null'
  • [ECC-609] - ecCodes requires python 2.7 to run all the tests but the minimum required version is 2.6
  • [ECC-615] - ECMWF Installation: build with OpenJPEG v2.3 on all platforms
  • [ECC-617] - BUFR: add WMO version 2 tables from BUFRDC to ecCodes
  • [ECC-618] - BUFR: add WMO version=2 local version=1 tables from BUFRDC to ecCodes
  • [ECC-624] - centre CMCC for mars
  • [ECC-626] - BUFR local tables for processing MWHS and IRAS of FY-3 VASS products
  • [ECC-628] - BUFR local sequence for EUMETSAT AMSR-2 data
  • [ECC-631] - Assign centre abbreviation for 204 (NIWA)