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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.8.0:

New Features/Improvements

Performance enhancements

    • [ECC-638] - grib_ls/grib_get -l using mask: nearest neighbour performance
    • [ECC-668] - BUFR decode performance: high replication counts
    • [ECC-689] - GRIB decode performance: remove redundant keys from GRIB2 messages
    • [ECC-667] - BUFR decode performance: Operator 203YYY: override table keeps growing
  • [ECC-687] - Update GRIB2 definitions with the latest WMO V21.0.0 code tables/templates
  • [ECC-691] - Update BUFR tables with the latest WMO version 30
  • [ECC-616] - BUFR: Cannot extract subsets when operator 203YYY is present
  • [ECC-651] - grib_compare/bufr_compare: Enable a 'two-way' switch for symmetric comparison
  • [ECC-658] - bufr_compare: apply relative comparison (-R) to all ranks of a given key
  • [ECC-625] - Encoding of La1/La2/Lo1/Lo2 should 'snap out' domain edges for sub-areas.
  • [ECC-636] - filter rules: allow printing of array data all on one line
  • [ECC-637] - bufr_dump -p should show descriptors in the WMO F-X-Y format
  • [ECC-646] - Harmonise names of MARS CLASSes between the paramDB, Apps Catalogues and MARS
  • [ECC-654] - Change the name and shortName for parameter 217004 (Methane)
  • [ECC-655] - Lightning parameters: provide GRIB2 representation
  • [ECC-662] - Add extra keys in the EFAS local definition to store info on analysis and fillup
  • [ECC-664] - GRIB: Change the units of the emission parameters (table 219)
  • [ECC-672] - Use WMO codes for new lightning parameters
  • [ECC-679] - Add numberOfForecastsInEnsemble to the GRIB1 Local Definition number 16
  • [ECC-682] - Change the name of averaged lightning parameters
  • [ECC-684] - GRIB: Remove shortNames 'ocu' and 'ocv' from parameters 150133 and 150134
  • [ECC-690] - New Satellite Winds BUFR Sequence for GOES16 - AMVs
    Note: This was subsequently re-opened after the release. It will be fixed in the next version of ecCodes
  • [ECC-692] - GRIB parameters: change name and shortName of aerosols (table 215)
  • [ECC-652] - New parameters for CAMS chemistry schemes: new species (table 217)
  • [ECC-659] - New parameters for CAMS chemistry schemes: species total column (table 218)
  • [ECC-660] - New parameters for CAMS chemistry schemes: Emissions and Wildfire flux (table 219)
  • [ECC-661] - New parameters for CAMS chemistry schemes: Dry deposition velocity (table 221)
  • [ECC-674] - Examples: typo in bufr_read_scatterometer.f90
  • [ECC-675] - Examples: confusing comment in bufr_expanded.f90

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-693] - grib_to_netcdf: fails with UKMO GRIB (fields are not considered distinct)
  • [ECC-685] - grib_to_netcdf: fails with GRIB message with almost constant values
  • [ECC-694] - grib_to_netcdf: fails compilation with NetCDF version 3
  • [ECC-431] - bufr_compare: succeeds for BUFR files which are different
  • [ECC-568] - Different behaviour between bufr keys iterator and bufr dump
  • [ECC-640] - grib_ls -B crashes with non-existent input file
  • [ECC-645] - CRASH: BUFR encoding: setting a string key with integer value
  • [ECC-695] - BUFR encoding: Incorrect error message when value out of range
  • [ECC-648] - grib_filter: Cannot set codetable key to an array
  • [ECC-649] - Valgrind error: statistics for a field with all missing values
  • [ECC-650] - bufr_filter: outputs non-printable characters if string key is MISSING
  • [ECC-653] - Three files still have the GPL licence notice
  • [ECC-656] - bufr_compare: using relative comparison (-R) with 'all' does not work
  • [ECC-657] - grib_copy behaviour of -p -P -v options / manual
  • [ECC-677] - Delayed description replication factors not available (from bufr_dump -Dfortran)
  • [ECC-686] - BUFR: Changing the subtype in the local section has effect on other keys