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This is a hotfix release for version 2.8.0

Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.8.2

  • [ECC-701] - EFAS: Latest MARS implementation
  • [ECC-712] - Update definitions of ocean parameters
  • [ECC-721] - Create a new MARS class for running CAMS Research experiments
  • [ECC-722] - Add extra MARS streams for EFAS
  • [ECC-724] - GRIB Parameters: create GRIB2 definitions for table 210 (Wildfire flux)
  • [ECC-445] - Error numberOfPoints != size(values) on reading specific reduced_gg with sub-area
  • [ECC-576] - Sub-area of Gaussian grids fails to encode bounding box
  • [ECC-727] - ecCodes should be able to handle all versions of HDF5 Super Block