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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.9.0

New Features/Improvements

Performance enhancements

    • [ECC-710] - BUFR decode performance: JSON bufr_dump much slower than plain mode
    • [ECC-741] - BUFR decode performance: add option to exclude some attributes
      A new key has been added: skipExtraKeyAttributes.
      Set this to 1 (BEFORE the unpack) and you should notice a 20% improvement in the decoding speed

    • [ECC-734] - BUFR decode performance: keys iterator stores all key names
    • [ECC-745] - bufr_compare performance: speed up by skipping extra key attributes
    • [ECC-708] - grib_dump performance: WMO option unpacks unnecessarily
    • [ECC-742] - BUFR: Remove unused key 'BUFRstr'
  • [ECC-706] - bufr_dump: add -X option to specify the offset in the input file
  • [ECC-737] - bufr_copy/grib_copy: add -X option to specify the offset in the input file
  • [ECC-723] - bufr_dump: option '-f' should dump header if unpack fails
  • [ECC-690] - New Satellite Winds BUFR Sequence for GOES16 - AMVs
  • [ECC-701] - EFAS: Latest MARS implementation
  • [ECC-712] - Update definitions of ocean parameters
  • [ECC-721] - Create a new MARS class for running CAMS Research experiments
  • [ECC-722] - Add extra MARS streams for EFAS
  • [ECC-728] - update standard_name (cfName) of ocean parameters
  • [ECC-746] - Testing: Allow test executables to be run with valgrind
  • [ECC-724] - GRIB Parameters: create GRIB2 definitions for table 210 (Wildfire flux)
  • [ECC-725] - grib_to_netcdf: Does not preserve MARS type
  • [ECC-703] - ecCodes BUFR local tables don't work for masterTablesVersionNumber 19
  • [ECC-739] - BUFR encoding: issue better error messages when values out of range
  • [ECC-740] - bufr_dump -D/-E python: make output Python3 compatible
  • [ECC-730] - Harmonise capitalisation of names in the parameter database for MARS types

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-445] - Error numberOfPoints != size(values) on reading specific reduced_gg with sub-area
  • [ECC-644] - Compilation of python bindings with the C PGI compiler
  • [ECC-696] - Valgrind error: grib_get_data on reduced gaussian sub-area
  • [ECC-697] - GRIB parameters: change shortName of 171170 (should be stal2)
  • [ECC-704] - Wrong latitude values returned for sub-area
  • [ECC-716] - Segmentation fault: bufr_filter on synop
  • [ECC-727] - ecCodes should be able to handle all versions of HDF5 Super Block
  • [ECC-729] - NetCDF standard name: 'air_pressure_at_sea_level' is deprecated
  • [ECC-735] - gts_ls memory fault
  • [ECC-736] - bufr_count -f: hangs on invalid input
  • [ECC-738] - bufr_dump fails when memfs is on
  • [ECC-748] - grib_get/bufr_get: infinite loop when a directory is passed in
  • [ECC-750] - BUFR encoding: maximum allowed value
  • [ECC-754] - grib_to_netcdf unit for time does not comply to ISO8601
  • [ECC-755] - Change to VERSION #defines breaks client C programs