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A manual page allows documentation in an ecf script to be viewable in ecflow_ui.

The manual page is the concatenation of all the text within the %manual and %end directives.

Modify t2.ecf  to have the following:

   Manual for task t2
   Operations: if this task fails, set it to complete and report next working day
   Analyst:    Check something ?

%include <head.h>
echo "I am part of a suite that lives in %ECF_HOME%"
%include <tail.h>

   There can be multiple manual pages in the same file.
   When viewed they are simply concatenated.

A manual page can also be added to a family and suite node.

Create a file called in $HOME/course/test  as the FAMILY  man page

$HOME/course/test/ ( FAMILY MAN PAGE )
This manual is for family %FAMILY%
It can have any text and will also have variable substitution
Notice that this does not have manual..end since the whole file is a manual page.

Now create the file in  $HOME/course  as the SUITE man page

$HOME/course/ ( SUITE MAN PAGE )
This is the manual page for the %SUITE% suite.
It lives in %ECF_HOME%
This text is not visible in the man page since it is out side of the %manual..%end

Notice that for family and suite nodes that the addition %manual..%end is not strictly necessary. However by adding %manual..%end you can decide what parts are made visible to the GUI.

What to do

  1. Modify $HOME/course/test/f1/t2.ecf script
  2. Add the file $HOME/course/test/
  3. Add the file $HOME/course/
  4. View the manual page for task test/f1/t2  in ecflow_ui
  5. View the manual page for family test/f1 in ecflow_ui
  6. View the manual page for suite test in ecflow_ui