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By defining triggers between tasks, families, and suites, the analyst can create a complex graph of dependencies. ecflowview can display this information using Why? as described above or using the triggers button: See Figure 10 16.
Figure 10 16 Triggers

ecflowview can display triggers, as they were defined by the analyst, in a hypertext window, or in a graph window. The user can browse through the graphs to follow the triggers. Triggers can also be displayed directly in the tree. Figure 10 16 shows some dependencies of operational analysis. On the right-hand side are the nodes waiting for some data from the operational suite, such as the ensemble forecast (mc) and the limited-area wave model (law). On the left-hand side are the nodes the operational suite is waiting for, in this case, some observation handling tasks. Ticking the dependencies on the top right of the window will produce a full set of dependencies for the node.