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Each node in ecFlow may have a set of flags set. Most of them are just informative flags, but some may control the running of the node.
Most of the flags are cleared when the suite is begun. And some flags have other information associated with them, such as message which raises a flag. Table 9 1 Flags used by ecFlow shows the flags used by ECF.
Table 9 1 Flags used by ecFlow

Name of the flag

Symbol used by ecflowview if any

Description and limitations


node has been forced to aborted status


user edit failed (only for tasks)


the running of the job failed (it finished with abort)


ecFlow pre-processor editing failed (the .job file cannot be created)


the job could not be submitted (ECF_JOB_CMD failed)


ecFlow could not find the script


killed by the user (only tasks and aliases)


node has been migrated (suites and families)


node is late


has user messages, the user has issued a command since the last begin


node was forced complete by rule


queue limit reached


running task is waiting for a trigger, the task is active but is waiting for something in ecFlow


node is locked by a user

ecflowview also shows some pseudo flags which are just markers that something else is available, like if a node has a time dependency ecflowview may draw a symbol next to the node to indicate it.
Table 9 2 Pseudo flags used by ecflowview

Name of the flag

The symbol used by ecflowview

Description and limitations

Time dependency

node has got a "time" dependency

Date dependency

node has got a "date" or "day" or dependency