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A very common wish from ecflowview users is the ability to issue a command on several nodes, such as resuming all suspended tasks at once. By holding down the ctrl key whilst left-clicking on nodes you can use the collector or by collecting the result of the search command. These appear in the left-hand box seen in Figure 10 13. The user can then type in a CLI command in the bottom right box that will be executed for each node of the selection. As in the command menu, the user has access to the complete range of available CDP commands. The tag <full_name> represents all the selected entries in the left-hand box.
Figure 10 13 ecflowview Collector

Collector commands include:
ecflow_client --alter <full_name> change defstatus (unknown/complete/queued)

  • modify default status of node (unknown/complete/queued)
    ecflow_client --alter=change variable var value <full_name>
  • change node variable "var" to value
    ecflow_client --force=complete <full_name>  # force node complete
    ecflow_client --run=<full_name>           # execute task
    ecflow_client --requeue=<full_name>  # requeue node
    ecflow_client --resume=<full_name>   #  resume node