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  • [ECFLOW-1628] - server: ecflow 5.3.0 family + time + day holding unexpectedly?
  • [ECFLOW-1629] - client: why command ignores complete expression
  • [ECFLOW-1630] - ecFlowUI: trigger view does not show some limits with relative paths
  • [ECFLOW-1634] - ecFlowUI tries to use http_proxy for log server connections
  • [ECFLOW-1636] - client: random crash in ecflow_ui, but traceback shows cereal
  • [ECFLOW-1638] - server: after migration to ecflow5 cron stops working
  • [ECFLOW-1639] - client: ecflow_client --get /s1 shows state information

New Feature


  • [ECFLOW-1625] - ecFlowUI: do not copy last session description when creating ecflow 5 config directory
  • [ECFLOW-1626] - server: allow trigger expression to reference archived flag, i.e. like late and zombie

See also the release notes for ecFlowUI.