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New Feature

  • [ECFLOW-1213] - Implement "find_node_path(type, name) : absolute_path" and "find_node(type, path) : node".
  • [ECFLOW-1704] - ecflowUI: add flag (slow job creation) threshold to the search dialog
  • [ECFLOW-1724] - ecFlowUi: minimise query window


  • [ECFLOW-1646] - ecFlowUI: add option to prevent shell command output window from popping up automatically
  • [ECFLOW-1705] - ecflowui: add context menu action to clear slow job creation flag
  • [ECFLOW-1711] - server: allow autoarchive based on idleness
  • [ECFLOW-1712] - ecflow_ui: allow search based on archived and restored flags
  • [ECFLOW-1713] - ecflow_ui should allow the restored flag to be cleared
  • [ECFLOW-1714] - ecFlowUI: add sort interface to session manager
  • [ECFLOW-1715] - ecFlowUI: add command line option to specify user startup command for the executable
  • [ECFLOW-1716] - ecFlowUI: lookup node in tree by double click in trigger graph


  • [ECFLOW-1725] - ecFlowUI: add no_script flag to search options


  • [ECFLOW-1710] - server: delete/replace does not remove archive files
  • [ECFLOW-1728] - Python interface does not work on conda and macOS

See also the ecFlowUI Release Notes.