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New Feature

  • [ECFLOW-1742] - ecFlowUI: add option to define the host and port for a log server locally


  • [ECFLOW-1746] - Make ecflow compile with c++17
  • [ECFLOW-1753] - ecFlowUI: make wildcard based search work in Qt6


  • [ECFLOW-1731] - ecFlowUI: refresh output log should move to end of file
  • [ECFLOW-1734] - Allow ecFlowUI to work with Qt6
  • [ECFLOW-1743] - ecFlowUI: app icon looks pixelated in the Mac dock
  • [ECFLOW-1750] - ecFlowUI: improve warning popup message when session config file is missing
  • [ECFLOW-1754] - ecFlowUI: reduce size of application logo
  • [ECFLOW-1756] - ecFlowUI: increase minimum file size for large text viewer mode in Output panel
  • [ECFLOW-1757] - ecFlowUI: add option for text wrapping in Output panel text viewer
  • [ECFLOW-1758] - ecFlowUI: add option to show compact file info label in Output panel
  • [ECFLOW-1761] - add edit_script-edit-preprocess-submit


  • [ECFLOW-1737] - ecFlowUI: crash when z key pressed in tree view when no nodes are selected
  • [ECFLOW-1738] - ecFlowUI: fix typo in temporary directory name
  • [ECFLOW-1741] - ecFlowUI: add better text navigation interface to the Output panel
  • [ECFLOW-1748] - ecFlowUI: empty window appears on exit on MacOS with Qt6
  • [ECFLOW-1749] - ecFlowUI: random crash on exit when multiple windows open on MacOs with Qt6
  • [ECFLOW-1751] - ecFlowUI: cannot cancel log file transfer in timeline
  • [ECFLOW-1752] - ecFlowUI: cannot run shell commands using Qt6
  • [ECFLOW-1760] - ecFlowUI: node status is not updated automatically in tree view with Qt6
  • [ECFLOW-1763] - does not allow SSL option
  • [ECFLOW-1767] - fix

See also the ecFlowUI Release Notes.