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  • [ECFLOW-1799] - ecFlowUI: Fix typo on button tooltip in the log output panel
  • [ECFLOW-1816] - ecFlowUI: alter add/change variable command applied to multiple nodes does not work
  • [ECFLOW-1817] - ecFlowUI: info panel tabs are not notified about selection change when they are unselected
  • [ECFLOW-1820] - ecFlowUI: extra coloured rectangle appears in panel message label when selected
  • [ECFLOW-1831] - ecFlowUI: shortcuts are not shown in node context menu
  • [ECFLOW-1839] - ecFlowUI: crash when opening Servers menu after syncing system server list

New Feature

  • [ECFLOW-1804] - Implement delta-based downloads of output log files from logserver
  • [ECFLOW-1811] - ecFlowUI: enable to access local files when using proxychains
  • [ECFLOW-1812] - ecFlowUI: enable to search for nodes with status change older than a specified period
  • [ECFLOW-1824] - ecFlowUI: add button in Output log panel to load the current job output file
  • [ECFLOW-1840] - ecFlowUI: add startup switch to run ecflow_ui via proxychains4


  • [ECFLOW-1773] - provide a mirror example
  • [ECFLOW-1801] - ecFlowUI: report error for newly created servers when host or port contain whitespace characters
  • [ECFLOW-1805] - logserver: remove unnecessary text filtering from server script
  • [ECFLOW-1807] - logserver: add option to serve file contents from a specified offset
  • [ECFLOW-1809] - ecFlowUI: only show progress bar after a delay for file transfers in the output panel
  • [ECFLOW-1810] - ecFlowUI: optimise directory update in output panel
  • [ECFLOW-1819] - ecFlowUI: modernise look and feel
  • [ECFLOW-1821] - ecFlowUI: add option to timeline and server load panel to minimise file info label
  • [ECFLOW-1822] - ecFlowUI: use user defined system server lists instead a centralised one
  • [ECFLOW-1825] - ecFlowUI: do not try to import old ecflowview rc settings on first startup
  • [ECFLOW-1830] - ecflowUI: automatically reload server when name, host or port changed in server list dialog
  • [ECFLOW-1833] - ecFlowUI: restore last tab used for preferences dialog
  • [ECFLOW-1834] - ecFlowUI: show version info in help output when started with -h flag
  • [ECFLOW-1836] - ecflowUI: show 1 decimal place for file sizes above 1 GB in Output panel

See also the ecFlowUI Release Notes.