Emoslib is now deprecated

October 1, 1998 


  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000010/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000010/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a


  • /home/ma/emos/lib/000010/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/000010/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a

Gribex routines

  • add print of non-missing values for field using a bitmap
  • optimize vectorization on VPP of bitmap handling routines
  • fix logic for encoding level types 102/200/201
  • make all parameter numbers 1 to 255 available for tables 128/129
  • allow Member State class numbers 100 to 120
  • add class 5 for ERA 40
  • add streams 1072 and 1073 for ERA monthly data
  • make debug printout from bit handling routine (inxbit) a compile time option
  • add ECMWF local definition 14 for brightness temperatures
  • gribex version number set to 13.011
  • expand internal array size for handling 2nd order packing
  • display missing year as 255 in GRIB header printout
  • change comments in gsbite.F header to emphasise that KMASK argument is an array and must be suitably dimensioned
  • add a Fortran-callable routine (yyyy2cy) to convert YYYY year to century and year for gribex call

Pseudo-code handling

  • codeps to accept YY or YYYY year format
  • decops2 added to decode year in YYYY format
  • decops advisory added (planned replacement by decops2)

Interpolation software

  • fix calculation of longitudes for interpolated wave global and subarea products
  • make landsea mask files use YYYYMMDD format in names
  • modify creation of coefficients files to avoid partially made files on process failure
  • optimise vectorization on VPP for rotation of spectral fields
  • reuse gaussian latitudes during grid-grid interpolation if grid and resolution are unchanged
  • allow spectral truncation 0
  • add wave climatology to wave interpolation
  • use input quasi-regular lat/long characteristics for interpolation if no output characteristics given
  • rearrange selection of interpolation for ocean/wave/other fields
  • allow interpolation of fields from other centres which have bit-maps but do not have missing values
  • expand internal arrays to allow full global 0.25x0.25 lat/long grids
  • revise wave interpolation routines used by dissemination to handle Mediterranean and Global input fields
  • issue warning message when interpolation is attempted from reduced gaussian to reduced gaussian grids
  • fix a(n internal length) check when autoresol specified

Binary file handling

  • Clear buffer location for 7777 before reading tail of GRIB product
  • Add routines for handling GRIB files in indexed fashion (these routines now handle multiple input/output files)