Emoslib is now deprecated

May 25, 1999 


  • /home/local/lib/libemos.a (not SGI)
  • /home/local/lib/libemosR64.a (not SGI)
  • /home/local/lib32/libemos.a (SGI)
  • /home/local/lib32/libemos.so.1 (SGI)
  • /home/local/lib32/libemos_8.a (SGI)
  • /home/local/lib32/libemos_8.so.1 (SGI)
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000050/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000050/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a


  • /usr/local/lib/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a
  • /usr/local/lib/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/000050/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/000050/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a

BUFR routines

  • Add bufr_88t89 tool to convert from subtype 88 to subtype 89.
  • Fix common block usage in bustdr.F and buetdr.F.

Gribex routines

  • Add post-auxiliary array in ocean products.
  • Allow type 72 (ocean flux) in GRIB section 1.
  • Allow comment lines at start of local table 2 description files. (Comment lines subsequently deleted).
  • Check parameter number and local table 2 number against values in local definitions files.
  • Remove extend2o preprocessing directive(s); 2nd order packing now standard.

Interpolation software

  • Allow standard encoding or 2nd-order packing for generated grid-point data.
  • Force terminator in filenames for generated coefficients files.
  • Control saving of rotation coefficients by environment variable PP_SAVE_ROT.
  • jmalloc.c now hard-linked to gribex/jmalloc.
  • Add 'frame' option to allow generation of a boundary frame of points.
  • Add 'style' option to allow generation of sub-grib by selecting points.

Binary file handling

  • Add emosnum.F as hard link to gribex/emosnum.F.