Emoslib is now deprecated

September 4, 2000 


  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000110/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000110/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a


  • /home/ma/emos/lib/000110/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/000110/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a

BUFR routines

  • Add handling of character strings for compression, eg AVHRR.

Gribex routines

  • Change EMOS version to 000110. 
  • Extend limit checks to allow up to T1023, N480. 
  • Make loop calculating P power coefficents in complex packing scalar on VPPS to avoid differences on 700 and 5000. 

Interpolation software

  • Fix area checking for N256 gaussian grid. 
  • Add grid to grid interpolation for bitmapped fields ('missingvalue' option). 
  • Allow generation of FRAMEs for rotated fields. 

Binary file handling

  • Fix bug in readprod giving record length instead of end-of-file status when a single truncated BUFR/GRIB found in a file.