Emoslib is now deprecated

October 11, 2002 


  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000200/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000200/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/sgimips_n32/000200/libemosDebug.R64.D64.I32.a

where: ARCH = sgimips_n32, rs6000, alpha, solaris, hppa, linux 


  • /home/ma/emos/lib/000200/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a (vpp700, vpp700e only)
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/000200/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a

Note that the rs6000 libraries are a little different: 

  • libemos.R32.D64.I32.a 
  • libemos.R64.D64.I32.a -> libemos_mixed.R64.D64.I32.a 
  • libemos_no_underscore.R32.D64.I32.a 
  • libemos_underscore.R32.D64.I32.a 

Here libemos_mixed.R64.D64.I32.a contains both underscored and non-underscored versions of the library modules. 

Gribex routines

  • Allow compilation without using POINTERs (USE_NO_POINTERS). 
  • Add facility to redirect output of GRIBEX diagnostics or GRPRS routines print of GRIB headers to fortran file using environment variable GRPRS_STREAM (default is stdout). 
  • Read all environment variables in one routine (grsdef). 
  • Handle little-endian ordering of letters in the experiment version number in ECMWF local extensions to GRIB section 1. 
  • Modify coordinate printout in ECMWF local definition 4 (ocean): I9 -> I10. 
  • Add ECMWF GRIB local definition 50 (Member State data) 
  • Add stream 1074, MSDA, monthly/daily standard deviation and covariance 


Interpolation software

  • Default gaussian grid lookup set to 'reduced' for rotations. 
  • Add environment variable USE_DISSEMINATION_STYLE to force interpolation to behave as for dissemination product generation 
  • Use REAL*8 variables in calculation of new grid longitudes in grid-grid interpolation