Emoslib is now deprecated


  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000280/libemos.R32.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/${ARCH}/000280/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a
  • /home/ma/emos/lib/sgimips_n32/000280/libemosDebug.R64.D64.I32.a

where: ARCH = sgimips_n32, rs6000, alpha, solaris, hppa, linux


  • /home/ma/emos/lib/000280/libemos.R64.D64.I32.a

Note that the rs6000 libraries contain both underscored and non-underscored versions of modules.

Linux routines now compiled using the -byteswapio option with compiler pgf90.

BUFR routines

  • Modifications for tc_track BUFR tools (bupkey.F).

Gribex routines

  • Add LOCAL format in encoding and decoding of GRIB section 1 local extensions using templates (handleLocalDefinitions.c)
  • Add template for ECMWF local definition 192 - Multiple ECMWF local definitions (localDefinition_098_192.h)
  • Changed EMOSLIB version number to 000280

Interpolation software

  • Fix handling of rotation of wind fields with frame (intvect.F).