Emoslib is now deprecated



Gribex routines

  • Fix in Gribex.F, computation of scale factor with a minimum equal to the reference value.
  • grchk1.F: Add STREAM = 1075 Monthly means of Daily forecast accumulations
  • grchk1.F: Add Time range indicator = 120 Average of N Forecast
  • grchk1.F: Add satellite identifier 199
  • grchk1.F:Add CLASS = 12 TIGGE
  • 211 level type has been replaced with 209 because 211 is in use by NCEP
  • gdecode.c : Bug fix for Section 4 length
  • gribex.F: to read correctly encoded big gribs (where first bit of section 0 length does not mean size*120), anyway, gribex will pack it with the "*120" workaround"
  • grchk1.F: Fix check for satellites images
  • d2ordr.F: Fix to avoid bad check for large grids(second order packing).
  • grchk1.F: new streams have been added 1030 - Ensemble Data Assimilation,
    1088 - Ensemble Wave Data Assimilation, 1076 - Daily climatology, 1231 - Multi-annual Forecast means, 1232 - Multi-annual Forecast wave, 1233 - Multi-annual Forecast wave means

Interpolation software

  • Fix area for ocean data
  • Correction of Grib headers of ocean data for vertical profile
  • The maximum number of points along latitude set to 4096
  • Get fractional or binary(0 , 1)values for Land-Sea mask based on environmental variable LSM_VALUES (0,1)
  • Force nearest neighbour processing with environmental variable NEAREST_NEIGHBOUR (0,1) or with new INTOUT parameter "interpolation" and specify "neighbour" or "bilinear" for CHARV , "bilinear" is default
  • Disable nearest neighbour checking for precipitation setting env variable PRECIPITATION_NEIGHBOUR_CHECK to 0
  • hirlam.F: added "nearest neighbour" interpolation in case of vegetation parameter for rotation
  • fixarea.F: Bufg fix for global lat-lon fields

PBIO routines

  • gbyte.c: Fix bug to handle integer 64 bits
  • readprod.c: Changed to read correctly read the size of big gribs (where first bit of section 0 length does not mean size*120). If environment variable ECMWF_CODED_BIG_PRODUCT is set to "OFF" a huge buffer is not needed to read a correctly coded big product.
  • added support to handle large files >2GB for Linux