Emoslib is now deprecated



Note that the rs6000 libraries contain both underscored and non-underscored versions of modules.

Interpolation software

  • arechk.F: Fix for grid to grid interpolation when input field is not global
  • intf.h: Increase internal array because of N1024
  • make.dep: updated dependencies
  • hntfaph.F: Added code to handle scanning mode west-east/south-north
  • areachk.F: Force dissemination style processing with resolution that is not multiplied by base resolution (0.25) with env variable MARS_INTERPOLATION_INWARDS set to 1
  • areachk.F: Added code to handle staggered grids
  • intfb.F ddstyle: added code to force interpolation to fail for wrong grid step when operate dissemination style
  • issame.F: removed check for scanning mode
  • intf.F: Changed code because of merging with grib_api
  • intin.F: added keyword "npts" to provide number of points along a latitude and longitude
  • nofld.common: added variables because of merging with grib_api
  • jtimer.c: CLOCKS_PER_SEC instead obsolete CLK_TCK
  • parim.h changed default dissemination lat/long grid step to 0.25 degrees
  • config: added config.linux_gfortranR64 config.linux_gfortran in order to compile library with gfortran
  • hirlam.F:bug fix for bitmaped fields
  • hgengrd.F:bug fix - calculation number of points along latitude and longitude