Emoslib is now deprecated



Note that the rs6000 libraries contain both underscored and non-underscored versions of modules.

BUFR routines

  • Introduction of 209YYY operator to represent IEEE 32/64 bit floating point numbers.
  • The software now keeps in memory maximum 10 tables which speeds up parallel processing in some cases.
  • ctable.F btable.F dtable.F: The unit number used to open file for bufr tables was changed to use any free unit number

Gribex routines

  • calcop.F: packcf.F unpackcf.F : Increased maximum Truncation to be handled to T2047
  • grchk1.F: added class 16 dt (Data Targeting System)
  • gribtemplate:
    • added - localDefinitionTemplate_214_098_245
    • updated - localDefinitionTemplate_098_235_015, localDefinitionTemplate_098_235_004, localDefinitionTemplate_098_235_016

Interpolation software

  • islproc.F hirlam.F igtog.F igtogr.F irgtog.F: parameter .43 - Soil type to be procesed with nearest neighbour
  • intout.F: forsing bilinear interpolation for rotation setting keyword interpolation to "bilinear"
  • wv2didx.F: Bug fix calculation of indexes along each latitude in iregular lat-lon if it input field is not global, treating separetly cases for global and non globa input field
  • wv2dint.F: Bug fix generating latitutes for input field
  • jgetgg.F: added 640 reduced gaussian definition
  • hgenll.F: NINT instead of INT for calculation of NLON NLAT

PBIO routines

  • pbio.c: Bug fix - setvbuf to be called every time new file is open
  • jopnggsm.c: Bug fix - calculation of coefficient file size
  • gbyte_alpha.c: Bug fix for 64 bits packing