Emoslib is now deprecated



Note that the rs6000 libraries contain both underscored and non-underscored versions of modules.

BUFR routines

  • bufrtools/bufr_split.F: subtype 241 GTS IASI added
  • A new variable USE_TABLE_C introduced. When set to true bufr software will load code and flag tables. There are subroutines to get the meaning of the code and flag values.
  • buprt.F has been modified to print code/flag values meaning
  • New subroutine buget_opera_image.F to handle radar image data up to 10 mega pixels particularly suitable for Opera composite radar images ( rain rates).
  • Subroutine bufrex.f has been modified to handle delayed repetitions
  • Missing value indicator rvind=1.7D38 and eps=10D-8 are used in consistent way.
  • parameter.F modified. JELEM=320000 set
  • Example decode_bufr_image.F is available in the examples directory.
  • Bufr tables updated.
  • Bufr user's Guide updated

Gribex routines

  • getsetValues.c: rename copyName to copyNameLoc due to multiple definition in shared library
  • gribtemplates: added localDefinitionTemplate_098_000_031
  • grchk1.F: added stream 1040 Ensemble Forecast Hindcast Statistics (EFHS)
  • grchk1.F: added stream 1240 Eurosip Monthly Means, 1241 Eurosip Hindcast Monthly Means
  • dmesec2 emesec2: Bug fix decode/encode Mercator data

Interpolation software

  • intfb.F: bug fix to avoid multiple memory allocation before rg2rgy routine
  • kintrg.F: parameter number 43 - Soil type to be procesed with nearest neighbour interpolation
  • hirlsm.F hll2ll hrg2gg: Added completely new checking for nearest neighbour processing
  • iglsmd.c : added env varibale LSM_10MIN to force processing of lsm with 10min file
  • hsp2gg.F :Added checking for a automatic truncation T1279 -> N640
  • w251idx.F wvqlint.F, wvqlidx.F:allow up to 0.1 degree resolution
  • hirlsm.F : Neaarest Neighbour interpolation modified
  • hntfaph.F : added check weather to enable lsm processing
  • oceanp.c: increased JP_GUESS = 519840 to allow for 0.25*0.25 interpolated grid
  • kintrg.F : set JPMAXNG to 1280 to allow N640