Emoslib is now deprecated



Note that the rs6000 libraries contain both underscored and non-underscored versions of modules.

BUFR routines

  • bufr_repack_206t205.F: KELEM changed from 2000 to 16000
  • bufr_split.F added handling of BUFR subtypes 216 and 217
  • buprt.F - Prints full name of 64 characters and better control of code/flag table printing
  • buens3.F - Bug fix to reset ksec3(4) flag for compression.
  • added bustop.F - A new routine used by mbufr_mars_filter.F to force stopping expansion after certain number of elements.
  • bufr_split.F: Program modified to create maximum 255 files to split 255 possible bufr subtypes.

Gribex routines

  • grchk1.F: added class 17 la LACE ALADIN,18 yt YOTC

Interpolation software

  • igplsm.F: commented check if less then zero because of bitmaped fields
  • auresol.F : deleted 1023 and added 2047 truncation
  • intuvxh.F intuvgh.F: NINT instead of INT for calculation of NLON NLAT
  • iagcntl.F iarcntl.F: added env variable LSM_REAL to allow real values of lsm
  • intvect.F: reseting OUTLEN for V wind component
  • kintrg.F: Bug fix for reduced gaussian to reduced gaussian interpolation. Set env varible RG2RG_COMP in order to get compatible result with previous Emos libraries
  • intout.F: softer criteria for non global fields instead of AND - OR
  • rgauss_320.h: N320 Reduced gaussian definition amended
  • insane.F : set env variable INCREMENT_NO_LIMIT=1 to avoid check of limit for increment size
  • wavexxx.F: Bug Fix for calculation of latitudes