Emoslib is now deprecated



Note that the rs6000 libraries contain both underscored and non-underscored versions of modules.

BUFR routines

  • Fix for bufr creation for multi-subset uncompressed case with different delayed replications in the subsets and if soft return error code -28 was returned from previous subset
  • IEEE change for big/little endian
  • bufren.F: Bug fix uncompress multi subset packing
  • Check on section 4 size and actual data size. The check will be performed only is variable CHECK_S4=true is set.
  • For bufr Edition 4 section 3 and 4 can have odd number of bytes
  • Compression on character string

Interpolation software

  • intfb.F: bug fix memory allocation for double interpolation
  • hsp2gg2.F: new function to determine gaussian number and spectral truncation based on output resolution of rotated lat-lon field. It is done to save computation time for high resolution
  • sharelib.c, sharedll.c, sharedgg.c: added set of functions to support shared memory handling
  • krg2rgu.F: increased JPACK = 1500000, JPMAXNG=1280
  • hsp2gg.F : Match T255 and T213 against N128 instead of N160

PBIO routines

  • pbio.c: added pbseek64, pbtell64 to support positioning in big files