Emoslib is now deprecated

BUFR routines:

  • mbufr_mars_filter.F: updates related  to satellite instrument MHS (instrument=203)

Interpolation software:

  • The coefficients handling: improvements for the case when The file is read into a dynamically allocated memory array.
  • Headers updated with Apache ilicense
  • insane.F: relax criteria for table number check up
  • iggrid.F : fix for NCEP N47 pseudo gaussian grid
  • igsize.F : Bug fix stride and number of points to match east
  • intout.F : added option off for interpolation
  • igsize.F: big fix for gaussian grid subarea
  • added rgauss_064.h
  • intuvu.F: bug fix - preserve output area between each iteration

GRIB_API merging

  • intuvp2.c, intf2.c : improved error code check for grib_util_set_spec
  • describe_input_field.c: updated type of level list with the case when type is missing