Emoslib is now deprecated

Platform support

  • This is the first version to supports ECMWF's new Cray XC30 system - Most changes relate to the Cray Fortran compiler 8.2 and include
    • Adopt use of Cray pointers
    • Enabling shared memory handling for coefficient files under Linux
    • Add better logging output
    • Force IEEE floating point arithmetic
  • Makefiles were corrected to compile on Redhat 6.4

New default directories

  • With version 000393, the default directories for the installations of libraries and (GRIB & BUFR) tables at ECMWF was changed to be in /usr/local/apps. At the time not all hard coded paths were changed. This should be fixed now.


  • Build stops now if compilation error occurs (EMOS-16)

License change

  • This is the first version of Emoslib released under the Apache License 2.0. This license is more permissive than LGPL and allows the use in non Open Source software.