Emoslib is now deprecated


This version of libemos was tested against BUFR tables version 000404. 

Bug Fixes

  • [EMOS-12] - segmentation fault when interpolating wave parameters to 0.05 lat/lon
  • [EMOS-68] - mars cannot interpolate fields to grid 0.1x0.1
  • [EMOS-70] - wrong interpolation of wind direction as archived as a wave model parameter
  • [EMOS-79] - libemos 400 - Problems finding interpolation tables
  • [EMOS-103] - Broken installation of BUFR tables on workstations
  • [EMOS-105] - Support build of single precision together with double precision
  • [EMOS-113] - EMOSLIB fails to interpolate UKMO high-resolution fields correctly
  • [EMOS-115] - LSM tables not found in default installation


  • [EMOS-101] - Update BUFR tables to version 404
  • [EMOS-109] - create a canonical list of interpolation tables and install them with libemos

New Features

  • [EMOS-69] - Adapt interpolation for new CY41r1 wave parameters