Emoslib is now deprecated


  • This version of libemos was tested against BUFR tables version 000408, please check also changes of the previous version 000437


  • [EMOS-242] - bufr_filter tool error return codes
  • [EMOS-254] - HIRLAM routines external memory management functionality
  • [EMOS-256] - interpolation example (using INTF, Fortran 90)
  • [EMOS-259] - extend regression tests suite (synchronized with MIR)
  • [EMOS-263] - BUFR tables 000408

Bug fixes

  • [EMOS-250/EMOS-255] - fix missing sanity checks on malloc returned pointer
  • [EMOS-251] - fix regression tests without FFTW (SH to reduced_gg/octahedral interpolations require FFTW)
  • [EMOS-252] - fix Cray failures on creating and checking Legendre coefficients file size

  • [EMOS-260] - incorrect values for interpolation to regular_ll particular sub-areas crossing 0 degrees longitude (particular cases)

  • [EMOS-262] - incorrect values for interpolation to single points

  • [EMOS-267] - adjust memory allocation of reduced_gg/regular_gg to regular_ll interpolations
  • [EMOS-268] - memory leak on era20c moda request
  • Fix CHEQUAL for strict string comparison respecting bounds and requested range (particular cases)