Emoslib is now deprecated

There are routines which provide FORTRAN-callable methods for file handling; it is not normally necessary to use these routines for reading BUFR or GRIB products.

PBSEEKTo position a file
PBREADTo read a given number of bytes from a file
PBREAD2To read a given number of bytes from a file (different behaviour from PBREAD on end-of-file)
PBWRITETo write a given number of bytes to a file
PBTELLTo tell the current byte offset in a file.
PBOPENTo open a file for processing with calls to PB subroutines. (This supplies an index into an internal table which contains a C file pointer which must be given as an input argument to other routines)
PBCLOSETo close a file
PBFLUSHTo flush data written to a file

These subroutines are written in C and use standard C library functions for file handling (fopen, fclose, fseek, fread and fwrite).