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Welcome to the CMEM site

The Community Microwave Emission Modelling Platform (CMEM) has been developed by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) as the forward operator for low frequency passive microwave brightness temperatures (from 1GHz to 20 GHz) of the surface.

It is a highly modular software package providing I/O interfaces for the Numerical Weather Prediction Community. CMEM's physics is based on the parameterizations used in the L-Band Microwave Emission of the Biosphere (LMEB, Wigneron et al., 2007) and Land Surface Microwave Emission Model (LSMEM, Drusch et al., 2007). CMEM modularity allows considering different parameterizations of the soil dielectric constant as well as different soil approaches (either coherent of incoherent) and different effective temperature, roughness, vegetation and atmospheric contribution opacity models.

CMEM Documentation

This page provides a complete description of the CMEM platform, including CMEM's implementation strategy, as well as its structure and physical parameterisations.

CMEM Download

This page gives links to CMEM version 5.1 source code, characteristics, bug reports etc..

CMEM input/output gives input/output examples


CMEM users

CMEM citing

CMEM training for the HarmoSnow COST action

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