ECMWFPatricia de RosnayDavid FairbairnPeter WestonPhilip BrowneKenta OchiDinand Schepers,Gabriele ArduiniSouhail Boussetta, Stephen EnglishJoe McNorton

UKMO: Cristina Charlton-Perez (, Breo Gomez (, Chris Harris (

UoR: Nancy Nichols (, 

Not here but interested: Sarah Dance ( , Gianpaolo Balsamo,  Sam Pullen (,



-13:30-13:40: welcome
-13:40-14:00 ECMWF overview of land DA (Patricia, slides)
-14:00-14:20 UKMO overview of land DA (Cristina, slides)
-14:20:14:40 Use of NN approach for land assimilation (SMOS and ASCAT) activities at ECMWF (Pete, slides)
-14:40-15:00 Land DA plans for OOPS and JEDI discussion (all)
-15:00-15:20 Land surface analysis at JMA (Kenta, slides)
-15:20-15:40 Coffee break
-15:40-16:00 Stand-alone Surface Analysis at ECMWF (David,slides)
-16:00-16:20 ASCAT bias correction at the UKMO (Cristina, slides) and ECMWF (David)
-16:20-16:40 Snow and WMO activities at the UKMO (Sam) and ECMWF model (Gabriele, slides)/assimilation(Patricia)
-16:40-17:10 Discussion (all)
-17:10-17:15 Close the meeting


Follow-up meeting in January 2021 to discuss OOPS/JEDI land data assimilation plans and future collaborations. Breo to send an email.