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The FLEXTRA environment

At ECMWF version 5.0 of FLEXTRA is centrally installed on ecgb and on some internal Linux-based systems. On these systems Metview is configured to pick up the FLEXTRA location automatically via this environment variable:

  • MV_FLEXTRA_EXE_PATH: defines the FLEXTRA executable

Hard-coded parameters

Some of the important FLEXTRA parameters cannot be specified at run time but are hard-coded in the source. The FLEXTRA installation at ECMWF uses the following set of hard-coded parameters:

DescriptionValueParameter in sourceSource file
Maximum number of grid points in E-W (input grid)


Maximum number of grid points in N-S (input grid)361nymaxpar_mod.f90
Maximum number of model levels (input grid)138 par_mod.f90
Maximum number of species6maxspecpar_mod.f90
Maximum number of particles2000000maxpartpar_mod.f90
Maximum number of age classes10maxageclasspar_mod.f90
Maximum number of receptor sites200maxreceptorspar_mod.f90
Maximum number of output grid nests0maxnestspar_mod.f90


compiler: gfortran

compilation options:

-O3 -m64 -mcmodel=medium -fconvert=little-endian -frecord-marker=4

Necessary code modifications

To make FLEXTRA work with ECMWF data in the desired way the following modifications were made in the source code:

Make FLEXTRA work for 137 model levels

In includepar modify line 38:

and also modify line 83 in gridcheck.f.

Increase file name buffer length

In includecom modify line 264:

Fix bug when a limited area domain is incorrectly detected as global

In gridcheck.f add this code to line 276: