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What is FLEXTRA?

FLEXTRA is an atmospheric trajectory model used by a large user community. It can be driven by meteorological input data from a variety of global and regional models including ECMWF analyses and forecasts. FLEXTRA can compute both forward and backward trajectories using various trajectory types such as: three-dimensional, model level, mixing layer, isobaric and isentropic trajectories.

FLEXTRA is a free software system released under the GNU General Public License V3.0. The home of the software is

How to use FLEXTRA with Metview?

perform a FLEXTRA simulation (via the FLEXTRA Run icon)

and visualise the resulting output files (using the FLEXTRA Visualiser icon)

The snapshots below show some FLEXTRA plots generated with Metview:

There is a tutorial available on the use of FLEXTRA with Metview. It explains both the data preparation steps and the basics of the visualisation.

What FLEXTRA versions are supported?

Please note that the Metview interface was written for version 5.0 of FLEXTRA.


FLEXTRA is installed at ECMWF to be directly used from within Metview. You can find out more about it here.


Details about setting up the Metview FLEXTRA interface outside ECMWF can be accessed here.