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What Metview version is required?

Metview versions 5.0.0. or later are required.

What FLEXTRA version is required?

Only version 5.0 is supported.

Please note that FLEXTRA is not an ECMWF development. FLEXTRA is not distributed with Metview, but it has to be installed separately. Please visit the following website for installation instructions:

How to specify the FLEXTRA executable in Metview?

In Metview we can run FLEXTRA using the Flextra Run icon. The FLEXTRA executable is either defined via the FLEXTRA_EXE_PATH parameter in this icon or via the  MV_FLEXTRA_EXE_PATH environment variable (this has to be set before starting up Metview).

Code modifications

To make FLEXTRA work with ECMWF data the following modifications has to be made in the source code:

Make FLEXTRA work for 137 model levels

In includepar modify line 38:

and also modify line 83 in gridcheck.f.

Increase file name buffer length

In includecom modify line 264:

Fix bug when a limited area domain is incorrectly detected as global

In gridcheck.f add this code to line 276: