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List of parameters provided by each partner

Geopotential height      no 10hPa    
Temperature      no 10hPa    
U velocity      no 10hPa    
V velocity      no 10hPa    
Specific Humidity      no 10hPa    
Vertical Velocity           
Potential Vorticity           
10m U           
10m V           
Skin temperature          1/11/ 17  
Snow depth           
Snow density           
Snow fall   

No re-fcst

Snow albedo           
Soil moisture top 20cm           
Soil moisture top 100 cm           
Soil temperature top 20 cm           
Soil Temperature top 100cm           
Surface air max temp           
Surface air min Temp           
Surface air Temp           
Surface air dewpoint temp           
Sea Ice Cover           
Surface pressure        1/11/ 2017  
Top net thermal radiation           
Surface latent heat flux           
Surface net solar radiation           
Surface net thermal radiation           
Surface sensible heat flux           
Surface solar radiation downwards           
Surface thermal radiation downwards           
Total cloud cover           
Total column water           
Total precipitation 24 hourly   24 hourly     
Convective precipitation           
Northward turbulent surface stress           
Eastward turbulent surface stress           
Mean sea level pressure           
Water runoff and drainage           
Surface water runoff           
Land sea mask           
Soil type           
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