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This week saw the November 2016 release of the standard ECMWF software packages. With this release all packages now use ecCodes as their default library to decode/encode GRIB data, instead of GRIB_API. While we are confident that ecCodes is to a high degree backwards compatible with GRIB_API, we strongly recommend good testing before using the software in your operational environments. In case you prefer to continue using GRIB_API for now, we provide a minor update release of this package, but recommend that you move to ecCodes eventually, since new features will only be implemented in ecCodes.

This synchronised release also includes for the first time the public beta of the ODB_API. This is ECMWF's library for handling observation feedback data. We are looking forward to receiving feedback on the package and the new web page.

Metview 4.8.0 is built at ECMWF with all the versions of our libraries listed in the table below, and all are included in the November 2016 Metview Bundle.

All these packages use the same build system based on CMake - simplifying and harmonising the installation experience. The versions are available on all ECMWF computer systems as "new" versions. If you encounter any issues please feel free to send feedback to

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