The purpose of the present pages is to report on the progress of TAC to BUFR migration for surface and upper air marine observations (buoys and ships) and for oceanographic instruments such as Argo floats, gliders, XBTs and Thermosalinographs... in other words, for all platforms relevant to JCOMM. Concerned TAC codes are FM13 SHIP, FM18 BUOY, FM 36 TEMP SHIP, FM62 TRACKOB, FM63 BATHY, FM64 TESAC and FM65 WAVEOB.

A list of BUFR bulletins is also available on the WMO website. 

What's New

Summary of templates in use

(updated on 03 October 2019)

Excerpt from information presented by David Berry (National Oceanography Centre UK) at the 10th session of the JCOMM Ship Observations Team (SOT-10) in April 2019


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